Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to The Healthy and Beautiful You

Hi buddies..

What are your new year resolutions ? getting promoted, target more salary, impress your girlfriend or boyfriend , admission  in IITs/Medical college and so on right ;)

But while we struggle for all these and even succeed to get all our dreams, we sacrifice behind the wealth that  nature has given us.... the wealth of health, beauty, peace and many more. And then the rest of our life, we spend all our wealth to get back all these, isn't it ? Isn't there a way to preserve all these while we are in the rat race? 
your answer answer would be.. WELL THATS GONA TAKE LOTS OF TIME AND AFFORT
and i would say, no you are wrong my friend :)
If we are determined and take care of small things , that will bring a big difference.

We will give you some tips which if included in your lifestyle, will surely benefit you a lot .
In Addition to this here you can post your queries about health , beauty , yoga, diet etc

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  1. Tip 1: when you are laying down, breathe in to inflate your stomach, hold for a moment and exhale, it will keep obesity away..